Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic (UCMAS) is an International Concept.
The basic tool for training in this is "the Abacus".

  • Using abacus, children are trained in basic arithmetic functions such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, attaining Speed & Accuracy.
    After a period of training using Abacus, children start doing mental arithmetic without using Abacus itself. This skill is developed by their using imaginary Abacus. The brain skills of children start developing from 4 years onwards in many folds. Proper training will make them develop memory skills and the same is thus manifested.

  • The hidden skills among children such as mathematical and other skills are brought out with the usage of 2000 years-old tool called Abacus,designed by the Chinese. This method of skill development program was introduced by UCMAS-U.A.E (Al Satwa) in the country.

  • The Abacus used in the training program does not need Electricity or any kind of power. Hence this can be operated anywhere. The Arithmetic solutions are distinctly visible on the Abacus with the beads in positions.
    Based on the Formulae, each bead in each of the rods has a value due to its position. Adopting this method, the beads are moved to change its positions, in the process of arithmetic functions, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division at a high speed.

  • Research studies reveal that Left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for Analysis, Sound, Language, etc.

  • Similarly, the Right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for Integrated information, picture, Recollection, Creativity, etc.

  • Visualization Skills (Imaging skills) falling under photographic memory are one of the important skills for every human being.

  • The fingers and their movement for manipulation make the beads take their due positions and form a picture with a mathematical value for it. Each child during their practice daily move 500 or more beads daily. After a few months training, a few lakh beads are manipulated and bead positions are visualized. Due to this, Right brain becomes very active and the imagery skills thus develop very well. The memory skills thus developed only make the objects and experiences are stored in the brain for recollection, whenever and wherever required. Thus the Imaging skills enhance the Memory and bring out the hidden skills in children.

  • In the children of the age group 4 – 12 years, 15 to 85% of the brain development happens. Training children at this age results in fruitful development.

  • Children using both their hands using the training method by manipulate the beads for computation and through prolonged training do arithmetic calculations with Speed and accuracy.

  • Even the senior students, qualified graduates and other experts use for their calculations gadgets like calculators, computer based applications, etc for knowing the answers. Whereas the Abacus trained children do not need any gadget and they do their calculations using imaginary abacus, visibly moving the fingers (some even do not do that) calculate and come out with the answers in seconds which is possible only through this mode of calculation. Both speed and the accuracy will be maintained at a high level. Those who witness this are amazed.

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