Friday, August 24, 2012

Calculator VS Abacus


Input      -   By the child
Process  -   Done by the child
 Output  -    Take out by the child
           Input     -    By the child
           Process    -    Internal
           Output    -    Display
v Abstract numbers take the form of beads, so the child finds it easy  to compute using abacus.

v Child does the information processing, and hence knows how to arrive at the answer


Presses the buttons and gets the answer. Computation is done by the calculator

Calculator does the information processing, so Child does not know how answer is arrived

v When abacus is removed after some time, Child would have  internalized the abacus to perform the computation by image of abacus

 Increase the self confidence
When calculator is removed after some time Child is totally at a loss.

Increases gadget dependency.

v Child acquires skills

v Interaction of Right and Left Brains resulting in Whole brain development.

v Child emerges as the winner

No skill attained

Brain utilization only takes place.

No gain achieved

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