Friday, August 24, 2012

Human Brain Skills

The human brain is a complex structure and over the years become the seat for thousands of myths and speculations. Researchers have been kept busy trying to differentiate between myth and reality.

It has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that the human brain and the nervous system is one of the largest, best connected networks with information flowing at great speeds between them. Information from one part of the body is carried through the nervous system to the brain as also the brain's response to it – carried from the brain through the nervous system to another part of the body.

The brain is also the seat of human intelligence and emotions. And over the years educationalists and systems have revolved around developing the best ways of training the brain, so as to produce very clever and well balanced future generations. This however, has proved to be too difficult as the personality of children vary greatly from child to child and the curriculum fails when a specific system is used for all types of children.

In the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century it was widely believed that the human brain was a mass of nerve cells that developed and specialized in specific fields as the person grew up. The common belief among the neuro biologists’ was that the brain developed specialty as the result of practice and nothing was natural by endowment.

This theory was disproved by Dr. Roger Walcott Sperry and his team of researchers and students. Dr. Sperry proved that each nerve cell of the human brain specialized in a specific function from birth and any attempt to alter this resulted in chaos and confusion. Using his research he proved that if the nerve cells connecting the legs of a rat were to severed, interchanged and then reconnected, the rat would move its left leg every time it wanted to move its right and vice versa. The rat’s brain could never unlearn this process and change itself to suit the new arrangement.

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